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We offer a free 90 day safety check and a 1 year free tune-up with every new purchase on conventional bikes or eBikes

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Insurance Plans for Your New Bike

Your bike is an important part of your lifestyle. Velocare will ensure that it stays that way by providing hassle-free coverage.

Even though your wheel-to-wheel manufacturer's warranty is exceptional, there are a few things that are not included, such as parts failure from normal wear and tear. Velocare goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty by offering 3 to 5 years of worry-free riding. If it fails*, Velocare will replace or repair it.

Just like the name implies, we take care to keep you riding, and if a part fails, bring your bike to a participating Velocare service location and they will handle the service authorization, provide the required service, and get you back pedaling in no time. There are no out-of-pocket expenses, no deductibles, and no hidden costs. Pick up your repaired bike, shake hands, and go pedal. It’s Velocare.

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Explore New Terrain

Whether you want to hit the trails on a solo ride or cruise the neighborhood with the kids, we're here to support all of your cycling adventures.

E-Bike Motor Kits

Turn any bike, adult tricycle, or recumbent into a powerful e-bike with one of our awesome e-bike motor kits! These kits range in power from 350 watts all the way up to 1000+ watts so you can choose just how much “get up and go” to add to your bike. We carry Rear Hub and Mid Drive E-Bike Upgrade Kits. 

Our kits also feature all of the high-end features that you would find on a brand-new e-bike. We’ve turned some really sweet bikes into fun filled e-bikes so if you have questions or want to talk this through with a friendly, knowledgeable professional, give us a call at (860) 658-1311

We Repair & Rebuild Batteries

Whether you need to have a new e-bike battery built or have your existing battery repaired or rebuilt, we have what it takes to get it done fast and get you back on the road!

We service nearly every e-bike battery, regardless of brand. We offer fast turnaround time and estimates are always given before the work is done. Call now for more information (860) 658-1311

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